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Afghanistan Overview

Afghanistan is located in central/southern Asia and landlocked among Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & China. Afghanistan is landlocked but has access to neighboring countries’ ports. A bilateral treaty with Pakistan allows transit of goods to Afghanistan from the port of Karachi. Afghanistan’s border with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan is largely defined by the Amu Darya (Oxus) River, which is open to barge traffic. Afghanistan is a rugged, mountainous and landlocked country, having arid and extreme weather conditions. It is bounded on the north by Turkmenistan (744km), Uzbekistan (137km) and Tajikistan (1206km), on the northeast by China (96km), on the south and east by Pakistan (2412km). After war in Afghanistan the economic activities are gaining the momentum. Initially imputes was on logistic activities where the imports of military hardware, support equipment and spares to the war zone become a major reason for development of transport sectors and related economic activities. It continues to be the major driver of the import and transportation business; comparatively secure mode of communications is through Pakistan border. In the past, Afghanistan strategic presence has been based on transportation infrastructure. Once it was a key portion of the Silk Road from China to the West.

As a landlocked country across the largely mountainous terrain of 652,000 square kilometers (km2), and without many viable alternative transport modes, roads are the principal means of transport. Afghanistan’s road network comprises about 3,300 km of regional highways, 4,900 km of national highways, 9,700 km of provincial roads, 17,000–23,000 km of rural roads, and about 3,000 km of urban roads, including 1,060 km in Kabul. The regional highway network consists of the 2,300 km Ring Road that connects Afghanistan’s major regional centers (Herat, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Maimana, and Sheberghan) with Kabul, and about 700 km of cross-border roads linking the Ring Road to neighboring countries. The regional highway network foster regional trade and economic linkages between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. National highways extend regional highways to provincial capitals contributing to economic growth and national integration.


Afghanistan does not have a nationwide rail system. Alternative transportation modes such as railroad are beginning to emerge with the help of some neighboring countries for connecting Afghanistan with China, Europe, Indian Sub‐continent & Middle Eastern countries, reducing transportation costs & delays. There are currently two short border crossings into Afghanistan from railways in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Goods must be transferred to trucks, adding time and cost to international shipping. A railway link from Herat in western Afghanistan is under construction. Several rail links with Pakistan are proposed: extensions of railways near the Khyber Pass to Kabul and Quetta to Kandahar. A nationwide rail system is proposed, which would allow considerable trade though Afghanistan. Serious technical concerns remain, primarily the use of different gauge rails in by Afghanistan’s neighbors.

Goods Transportation:

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Oil Logistics:

As a critical component of various industries, the transportation and logistics of oil require specialized expertise and careful handling. Millennium Transportation understands the intricacies of oil logistics and offers comprehensive solutions for the transportation and storage of oil products. Their dedicated team ensures compliance with safety regulations and utilizes specialized equipment to safeguard the integrity of your oil shipments.

Electronic Supply:

The electronics industry relies on timely and secure transportation to meet customer demands. Millennium Transportation provides reliable logistics services for the supply of electronic goods. Whether you need to transport consumer electronics, computer components, or other electronic devices, Millennium Transportation ensures careful handling and secure delivery, minimizing the risk of damage or loss during transit.

Food Supply:

Millennium Transportation recognizes the critical nature of food supply chains, particularly in Afghanistan, where access to fresh and quality food is vital. They provide efficient and timely transportation services for a wide range of food products, including perishable goods, dry goods, and non-perishable items. With their expertise in temperature-controlled logistics and strict adherence to food safety regulations, Millennium Transportation ensures that your food supply reaches its destination in optimal condition.

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Our vehicles lease options are tailored to our clients’ period of performance ranging from daily to long-term multiple months lease options. Vehicles come ready and licensed according to GIRoA regulations and adhere to USG and equivalent vetting and screening requirements.

We expand our leasing services all over Afghanistan with delivery services for all military bases. Our leasing service includes 24/7 maintenance for all vehicles and provide replacement in case of any break down or accident.

The Millennium Transportation LOGISTICS has been advancing the development of Afghanistan for the Afghan people to a very significant extent, and in a number of ways. With its extensive technical support networks and expertise in the areas of Automotive and Infrastructure Solutions, The Millennium Transportation LOGISTICS supports governmental, commercial and Aid & Development organizations across the country.

The Millennium Transportation LOGISTICS is offering all types of heavy equipment Rental services anywhere in Afghanistan without any hesitation with best prices, the services is including all heavy machinery with operators and without operators.

Retrograde Logistics

Following more than a decade of war, a deliberate retrograde, reset, redeployment, redistribution and disposal process began in 2012 to move tens of thousands of pieces of military equipment out of Afghanistan. December 2014 marked the end of combat operations in Afghanistan, and while equipment still remains in theater in support of the troops, the vast majority of shipments retrograde commenced from its postwar destination. In military jargon, the whole action is “the retrograde”.

An estimated value of $30 billion in equipment — vehicles, helicopters, shipping containers, generators, communications gear and more — need to be moved from a land-locked, mountainous and extremely austere country while under combat conditions. At the height of the war, U.S. and NATO forces operated from 820 bases. That’s been reduced down to only 25 remaining bases. More than 44,000 vehicles, referred to as “rolling stock,” have been removed from theater. More than 107,000 containers filled with equipment from tents to communications devices to spare parts, have returned. For one, the country is land locked and far from a airline freight. The terrain, especially in the strategically important east, is covered with mountains; and the country’s road network is much less advanced than the one in Iraq. We can support combat units “retrograde”—military parlance for disassembling and repatriating–their equipment before they rotate home.


Maafinama (Tax-Exemption) Filing

Our Logistics can obtain / facilitate for all importers / exporters who are entitled to tax-exemption to obtain Maafinama for their inbound and outbound cargos. The Millennium Transport and Logistics, in compliance with customs guidelines, offers its customers info and proper guidance on Maafinama application filing in accordance to BSA agreements and other national and international agreements enacted by the Afghan government. Our customs clearing officers will prepare entry filings and tax documentation to meet any scope of import / export Maafinama requirements. We maintain direct lines of communication with Afghan Customs and Revenue (CRD) and other government agencies to ensure shipments are classified correctly and paperwork is processed in a timely fashion. We are a market leader as customs clearance agent, import and export customs clearance; Exemption clearance for diplomatic and military cargos. Especially when importing to Afghanistan, our good relations with customs officials help us to clear freights on timely fashion. Once cargo has cleared customs, our turnkey service can be used to make transportation and delivery arrangements throughout the country.

Import & Export Customs Clearance Services

The Millennium transportation Logistics offers a wide variety of international import and customs brokerage services designed to suit the needs of businesses. Our Import department also handles the payment and processing of all duties and tariffs on goods coming into Afghanistan, facilitating the ultimate delivery of goods to our customer’s door. The Millennium Transport and  Logistics extends special rates and service programs for frequent importers. We are well versed in all the latest Afghanistan customs regulations. Our logistics professionals can streamline your entire importing operation.

If your business includes international shipping, you have customs regulations to consider then, The Millennium transportation Logistics Logistics helps reduce that stress by making sure all rules and regulations are followed as we move your freight across the border. We are licensed by the Afghan authorities and our licensed officers understand the local regulations and government agencies. We save time and reduce delays by interfacing closely with Customs.